How to get started with Ads in Apps

Start monetizing with advertising

Ads in Apps for Windows 8 has the features that developers want.
  • Attention-grabbing ads that are not perceived as intrusive*
  • Code that is easy to integrate with both Windows 8 and your app to help prevent crashes and protect battery life
  • Attractive revenue shares for developers
  • The reach of Microsoft's global sales force and its strong relationships
Building for Windows: Mobiles Republic

A new OS. An amazing opportunity.

With Windows 8, Microsoft has not only created a sleek, reimagined OS, but an unparalleled opportunity for app developers. Consumers around the world are scooping up Windows 8 licenses by the millions. The Windows Store now ships on every Windows 8 device. Its inventory is soaring. And every Windows 7 PC is upgradable to Windows 8. The revenue potential is clear.