Get the Universal Ad Client SDK

Monetize and promote your app with advertising

Ads in Apps has the features that developers want.
  • Attractive revenue shares for developers
  • A universal Ad SDK that is easy to integrate – as simple as a drag and drop
  • The ability to monetize in markets around the globe
  • The ability to promote your app with advertising in just a few quick steps
Monetize and Promote Your Universal Windows App with Ads

One app. One billion devices.

The process for developing your apps for Windows phones, tablets and PCs is now easier than ever. You can build a single universal app and submit it once to reach more users on more Windows devices. We’ve made monetizing your app with advertising easier than ever, too, with the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK.

1. In April 2015, Microsoft announced a goal of enabling Windows 10 on 1B devices over the next 2 to 3 years.
2. Source: Microsoft internal data (Total downloads from Windows Store since launch as of January 2015)
3. Source: Canalys estimates, February 2015