BUILD 2014: Announcing New Microsoft Advertising SDKs, Tools to Help Devs Do More and Earn More with Apps

Wed, April 2 2014

Learn about the new Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone SDK announcements we’re talking about at BUILD 2014 and see how you can build the best apps for Windows platforms…    Read More

Microsoft Advertising Releases GA Ad SDK for Windows 8.1.

Thur, Oct 17 2013

It’s now easier than ever to include the Microsoft Advertising SDK in your apps with Windows 8.1. Take advantage of all the new benefits including seamless integration within Visual Studio, support for targeting, and new bug resolutions...    Read More

Get ready for Windows 8.1!
BUILD announces new dev tools & ways to boost monetization.

Thur, Jun 27 2013

Announcing an Updated Ad SDK from Microsoft to Boost Monetization on Windows 8, plus New Tools to Help Developers Get Ready to Monetize their Windows 8.1 Apps!...    Read More

Windows 8 at 6 months: Q&A with Tami Reller

Tue, May 7 2013

Back in January, Tami Reller, our Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer, joined me in a Q&A to provide an update on progresssince the launch of Windows 8. Here we are now just past six months from general…  Read More

Windows Store Integration with pubCenter for Windows 8 Apps

Mon, Apr 8 2013

Hey Folks, Good news, we have taken steps to better align Windows Store and pubCenter for Windows 8 apps. Going forward, pubCenter will automatically sync the app category in pubCenter with the app category in Windows Store. This improvement delivers...    Read More

Keep Users First By Using These Resources For Ad Control Error Handling

Tue, Mar 12 2013

Hey Folks, We all know that our user's experience is the most critical aspect to all of our apps important to our developer community. Keeping people engaged and within the app is key to building a healthy audience. With this in mind, I want...    Read More